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SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEM is Search Engine Marketing.

If you do not have a website or if your website loads slowly, contains errors, has duplicate content or other issues then that is the place to start on your way to Page One of search results. Step 0 is a search engine friendly website.

website design creation

Everybody looks for everything on the internet. Your business needs to be where Buyers are looking.

Let's make your vision for presenting your business an internet reality.

You can have these pages:
- Home
- About Us
- Services
- Products
- Testimonials
- Contact Us
- Other pages specific to your business
plus a blog on your website

You can have these functions:
- Downloadable PDF
- Contact Form
- Galleries
- One year of Domain Registration
- One year of Hosting

Using your text content, links, and images, NumberOneOnTheList.com will make your vision an internet reality.

search engine optimization help

There's Internal SEO (AKA "on-page" SEO) on your website itself and there's External SEO ("off-page SEO") which covers backlinks (who links to your website) and other external factors .

NumberOneOnTheList.com specializes in the external to get prominent search engine ranking for Customers.

The process goes something like this:

(0) Website evaluation to determine (A) the website's degree of Google-friendliness, (B) SEO that is already in place.

(1) Fill out the SEO Questionnaire at http://numberoneonthelist.com/form/

(2) With the data from (1) and (2) NumberOneOnTheList can make specific recommendations.

(3) Install/share Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools with NumberOneOnTheList.com. Staticizing with Google Analytics helps to keep everyone on the same page.

(4) For a geocentric (physical location) business, Google+ Local (Google Places map listing) is important.

(5) Build Google+ personal and business for both (A) presence and (B) Authorship.

(6) Get the client blogging or outsource blogging (it's better in-house when practical).

(7) Create/build a YouTube channel. Everybody looks for everything on the internet and most often on a smartphone. Showing it trumps reading it on a smartphone.

(8) Social Media appropriate to the business. Don't try to do it all but do enough where you can actively participate, collect identities, contact and engage your public. Usually: Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and perhaps Pinterest.

(9) Look at the website's backlinks and evaluate what link building (in some cases, link disavowal) will enhance the website's link profile.

(10) Join and participate in industry-specific forums.

(11) Email newsletter promotion. mailchimp.com is a good service.

(12) Further custom work for the client's needs.

Typically, organic SEO takes 6 - 12 months to begin to get the results you want but you can usually see after 4 months that you're on the right track.

If quicker results are needed, Google Adwords is paid advertising so there is no process - you pay your money and you get your ad. That being said, Google Adwords is often considerably more expensive in terms of cash outlay than SEO.

NumberOneOnTheList.com works with one of the top Adwords Agencies on the planet, they've been used by Google as an example of how to do Adwords right, if you have the budget for it. Be prepared to spend $2,500.00 - $3,000.00 minimum per month for Adwords. Google Adwords, properly done, usually has good Return On Investment but remember that the investment comes before the return. I do not recommend that a client try doing Adwords themselves - there is a lot to know about Adwords and jumping right in can be an expensive education.

(1) to (12) above is the broad strokes. Pricing is dependent on how much work NumberOneOnTheList.com has to do.

For example:

(A) NumberOneOnTheList.com wants a client to blog and the client sets up a blog on their website and starts creating optimized posts

(B) NumberOneOnTheList.com wants a client to blog and NumberOneOnTheList.com sets up a blog

(C) NumberOneOnTheList.com wants a client to blog and NumberOneOnTheList.com sets up a blog and NumberOneOnTheList.com starts creating optimized posts

It's all blogging but (A) is some work, (B) is more work, (C) is an outsourced job. These three are priced differently.

Let's talk specifics and do a detailed proposal. Give me your website URL for the free website analysis. Fill out the SEO Questionnaire at http://numberoneonthelist.com/form/. Let's discuss.

Take care, be well, have fun,

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Everyone looks for everything on the internet. Get found and get business.